My wife and I are very happy to finally find a RV Park that gets it.  For many of us that are not retired yet, we needed a place to keep the RV on a monthly program, and use it on the weekends after work.  Our mobile vacation home.

  We like to keep the RV setup on a monthly rate at different locations in Washington as our get away for the weekends.  The bad part is we get charged full rates, even for the 80% time that we are not there.  The cost goes from 495.00 to 695.00 a month.  We may only be there 8 to 10 days of that.

  Now we finnaly ran into a RV park in Anacortes, WA. that understands what we need, and wants our business. 

Fidalgo Bay RV Resort happen to be at the Seattle RV Show, so we stopped by.  We have alway stayed at a RV

park near them, but never had a chance to meet them.  When we told them of our needs, the new Manager told us of a new program they had, just for folks like us.

  Here is how it works.  During winter season only.  We can keep the RV at the Park for storage of $75.00 a month, plus electricity cost.  When we use the RV, we pay $17.00 for each night only.

  What a breakthrough, there must be a Brain Surgeon working there.

  The park get their unused spaces filled during the off season, and the customer can use the RV all year, and keep it warm and dry.  Thats what I call, “RV user friendly”.

  Starting March 1st, we are moving the rig there for two months, and then when the summer rates kick in, we will decide where we want the RV to be after that, but you can expect us to return to Fidalgo Bay RV Resort in October for their winter season program.

Thank You so Much!!!!

Rob Scribner