As the lucky ones join the wonderful life of RV full time living, many of them have 40 to 50 years of past history remaining in their heads telling them to get serious, your not playing by the rules of society. So when you RVers start feeling like you should return home, retired and taking care of daily business, here is a reminder of what you left behind.  Hope this cures your guilt.

Things You Are Missing Out On:

House payment
Property Tax
Home maintanence
Mow the lawn
pay rent for apartments
septic bills
water bills
Gas bills
Cable or Dish bills
Electric Bill
Same old neighbors
Cold weather
Going to work everyday (Over and Over)
Taking care of all your stuff
Looking at the same view everyday
Siriens, Airplane and Trafic noise
The City
Cleaning Gutters
House Cleaning
Neighbors that never talk to you

So when you feel like you need to return to normal living again.  Ask yourself who is really nuts, the old lifestyle, or the new lifestyle.  We all really know the answer.

Happy RV Travels!

Rob Scribner