Our Story


Our Mission:

A two year plan allowing us to prepare for fulltime RV travel.
To prepare our finances, Personal belongings, Vehicles, RV design, Media platforms, and Media equipment during this time.

Mission was started in 2014,


Sherry and I raised two great kids, that are long gone now, which makes us empty nesters. We did our years of nine to five, including a few business adventure, but in 2006, we had enough of the rat race, and made a big change. We sold everything including our home and bought a one ton ford pickup, and a Montana fifth wheel and hit the road.

At the time we had a small nest egg and an online marketing business that was going pretty good. In 2007, we really got to see the west coasts from Washington to Arizona, but the business was going nuts, we were making a large amount of money, so we bought a home in Central, Oregon, and later bought a new 2008 40 foot Fleetwood motor home.

So then we still traveled but had a base to come back to when we wanted. Then the big crash came. Our business took a dive, and the wonderful life we lived was destroyed, and within 6 months in 2008, we lost everything.

We had to start from scratch again. We had to go back to nine to five jobs and rebuild our lives. After a few years, I still was able to hold on to the internet business and go back to work for a Aerospace company I worked for over 20 years, which I already had a pension started at. I was lucky to find out that I could add more years to my retirement, and will hit 55 years old in 2 more years (2016).

We are now using a 2013 3625 RE Montana Fifth Wheel and 2002 Ford Truck As of 2016, we are now fulltime RVers. Since 2009, Sherry and I have also been building RV Travel Buddy (http://www.rvtravelbuddy.com ).

Branding and Sponsors:

As our website and supporting media grow, so would we like to grow our resources.
We are always open to supporting products and services which we feel would benefit our viewers.
If your business feels like we could benefit its mission, please contact us right away.